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Waterslide Decal Paper | For Inkjet and LaserJet Printers | Nail Art Design| Nail Paper Decal

Waterslide Decal Paper | For Inkjet and LaserJet Printers | Nail Art Design| Nail Paper Decal

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Beautify your look with this waterslide decal paper. This decal paper is a nail art that gives your nails a pretty look. You can use it without a ridge and it fits perfectly to your nails. Nail decal has tearable nail stickers and allows you to customize your nail art. Quick to apply, and then you can tear them to fit your nails without cutting. Be your manicurist with the DIY cute nail stickers.

Because the waterslide decal paper is very easy to operate, you can create designs and achieve your creativity effortlessly. Moreover, Bright and non-toxic, you can create your personalized tattoos in a few easy steps. Just create, print, cut, and apply for beautiful nails. Finally, Follow our care instructions and the step-by-step process to achieve the best results. Ideal for a DIY nail enthusiast who wants a shining polished look added to their nails.

Here are some incredible features:

  • Easy to create custom nail art designs at home.
  • Makes your nail art easier and you can apply it for the perfect professional salon look.
  •  Compatible with both Inkjet and LaserJet printers.
  • Waterslide Decal Paper is easy to remove and free to replace.
  • Moreover, You can use it with pigment ink or dye ink.

Item Details Quick Look

  • Compatible with Both Inkjet and LaserJet Printers.
  • High-quality materials ensure long-lasting Durability.
  • Vibrant color reproduction for striking nail art Designs.
  • Can be Removed Easily.
  • Perfect for DIY nail art, allowing for endless Creativity.


  • 8.5” x 11” (10 Sets).

Transfer Methods

  • Water Method.


  • Nails.


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Step By Step Process

Care Instructions

Begins with Our Expert Guidance

For inquiries or questions regarding Heat Transfer Paper, we appreciate your suggestions and are at your disposal to provide assistance. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.