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Temporary Tattoo Paper | For Inkjet and LaserJet Printers | Tattoo Glitter Green 6.0

Temporary Tattoo Paper | For Inkjet and LaserJet Printers | Tattoo Glitter Green 6.0

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Wanting to get a real tattoo and try out the design first? This temporary tattoo paper works for you. When correctly printed and applied, it looks as good as any tattoo you could buy. You can use it to save time doing your makeup without worrying about smudging. Very easy to print, put on, and remove! You can also use this paper to transfer pictures onto wood.

Make custom tattoos for your birthday party with this temporary tattoo paper. Moreover, it Easy to print and with no smudging, this tattoo paper applies smoothly. Just a warm wet washcloth or paper towel, hold it over on the skin for about 30 seconds and it's all set. Durable enough to last all day, this tattoo paper is Ideal for LARPers, Cosplayers, or anyone who wants a nice long-lasting tattoo!

Here are some incredible features:

  • Tattoo paper is perfect for your parties, birthday, cosplay, makeup, or any custom activities.
  • Moreover, They are designed to work with all brands of Inkjet and LaserJet printers.
  • This temporary tattoo paper is transferable on the skin and should not be applied on damaged or broken skin.
  • These tattoo papers rock and the shiny parts are what makes them awesome.
  • The metallic shine and smooth transfer make these tattoo papers rock.

Item Details Quick Look

  • Compatible with both inkjet and laser Printers for Versatile use.
  • Features a vibrant Glitter Green effect for eye-catching Designs.
  • Long-lasting Durability for extended wear.
  • Crafted from non-toxic, skin-friendly materials for all ages.
  • DIY personalization allows for Unique Creations.
  • Professional-quality Prints with detailed Results.


  • A+B per Set, (10 Sets, A4 size).

Transfer Methods

  • Water Method.


  • Arms (Upper arm or Forearm).
  • Shoulders Back (Upper or Lower Back).
  • Legs (thigh or calf area).
  • Wrists.
  • Forehead or Cheeks.
  • Ankles and More.


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